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Data & Analytics News Updates, October 3rd 2012

This week’s data and analytics news include Bank BPH’s finger vein biometric scanners, HKMA’s warning against a recent e-mail scam, and Romanian fraudsters pleading guilty to Subway hack.

October 03, 2012 | The Asian Banker Editor

Bank BPH installs finger vein biometric scanners
Poland’s Bank BPH will install “Finger Vein” biometric scanners across its branch network to provide customers with secure money transaction services without the need for PIN entry. The palm-size scanners capture the unique patterns of veins in a person’s finger, with the pattern then stored as a template and used to verify the customer’s identity on the subsequent occasion they use the device.

HKMA warns against e-mail scam
Hong Kong Monetary Authority has alerted members of the public to a phishing e-mail scam purporting to be sent form HSBC, requesting customer to connect to a fraudulent website and verify their account information by entering their internet banking data.

Romanian fraudsters plead guilty to Subway hack
Romanians Iulian Dolan and Cezar Butu have pleaded guilty to fleecing bank cards from 150 US Subway restaurants which saw them break into vulnerable merchant networks and swipe some 146,000 credit cards, resulting in $10 million in losses. A third man, Adrian-Tiberiu Oprea, is in US custody awaiting trial.

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