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A look at Asia Pacific's 500 strongest banks in 2017
The Asian Banker annually releases its AB500 ranking and survey of Asia Pacific's strongest banks, an evaluation that is based on a belief that a strong bank demonstrates long-term profitability from its core businesses. Let us take a look at this year's 500 strongest bank in the region.

The Asian Banker
--> November 03, 2017 | The Asian Banker

What is The Asian Banker 500?
The Asian Banker 500 (AB500) is an annual study of the financial and business performance of the commercial banking industry in the Asia Pacific region. The study comprises two different lists: the first ranks the top 500 banks in the region by asset size, while the second ranks the same 500 banks by strength, an evaluation that is based on a belief that a strong bank demonstrates long-term profitability from its core businesses.

Which banks are included?
The Asian Banker ranks financial institutions by asset size and focuses on Asia Pacific banks east of Iran. We also publish an expanded version of this list online, which includes over 700 banks from the Asia Pacific region and 300 banks from the Middle East and Central Asia. The focus of this list is on commercial banks and financial holding companies, with a significant proportion of activity in commercial banking. The AB500 does not include central banks, policy banks, investment banks or finance companies that lack significant deposit-taking franchises or commercial lending businesses.

How do we collect and treat the data?
Bank annual reports and statistics provided by central banks or industry associations are our main sources of data. In the absence of up-to-date annual reports, we contact banks directly to source financial results. Consolidated figures are used for banking groups, except when non-banking activities form a substantial portion of the consolidated figures, in which case we look at the banking unit independent of its parent. All figures are quoted in US dollars at year end exchange rates. Y-o-Y growth rates are calculated based on original local currency figures.

Below is the list of the 500 strongest banks in Asia Pacific this year:

Read the 500 strongest banks in Asia Pacific


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